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The Society has published over 60 magazines ... to date.

Below you can find the first 23 magazines; subsequent issues are on separate pages (Magazine Archive 2 picks up from 1995 and Magazine Archive 3 completes the archive from 2004). The magazines are made up of articles submitted by members since the first issue in Autumn 1982. These are available to download as pdf files.

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No1 Autumn 1982 The Ancient Parish of Warton - Margaret Clarke
Pdf Click Here Inventories 'The Iron Stuffe in the howse' - Nancy Thomas
  Cross Kent Sands - Drovers' Road - David Peter
  The boundaries of the Manor of Warton 1609
No 2 Winter 1982 To Dudley from Dudley  - J. Chatterley
Pdf Click Here Carnforth Ironworkers: Wages, Labour, Habits - Lancaster Gazette 1873
  To Iron-founders and Others: A 1908 Poem - G. Bottomley
  Edward Parker: Diarist - D. Peter
No 3 Spring 1983 Yealand Friends’ School, 1866-1895 - W. Briggs
Pdf Click Here

Borwick Hall - W. Hayhurst

  Wooden furniture in the 16th & 17th Centuries - J.D. Howsley
  Literacy in Warton Parish in the 18th Century
  Silverdale 1687-1692: The Case for a Chapel of Ease - N. Thomas
No 4 Summer 1983 Silverdale Place names - D. Peter
Pdf Click Here Inventories: Some Lost Words of Warton - N. Thomas
  Notes: Literacy in 19th Century Warton - J. Chatterley
  Some Signature Marks N. Thomas
  Leighton Hall Boarding School N. Thomas
No 5 Autumn 1983 Morecambe Bay & Silverdale: Some Literary Associations Part 1 - J.D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here Warton Crag Mines, Part 1 R. Ashmead & D. Peter
  The Castles of the Barony of Kendal D. Holmes
  Documents: Charge to the Jury Silverdale Manor Court
  Diary of John Erving Carnforth Building Contractor
  Notes and Queries: Silverdale ‘Gate’ Names
No 6 Winter 1983 Morecambe Bay & Silverdale: More Literary Associations Part 2 - J.D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here Warton Crag Mines, Part 2 Robert Ashmead & D. Peter
  Documents: Letter from America 1748
  Notes and Queries: A Note on Mourholme Castle T. Clare
No 7 Spring 1984

Houses in Burton in Kendal, 1640-1720 M. Clarke

Pdf Click Here Historic Houses: Green Garth, Yealand Conyers R. Greaves
  Morecambe Bay and Silverdale: More Literary Associations J.D. Marshall
  Bronze Age Cairn at Manor Farm, Borwick A.C.J. Olivier
  Notes and Queries: Carnforth-Yealand Station
No 8 Summer 1984 The Ingenious Mr Withers, 1618-1686 B. Whitaker
Pdf Click Here Warton Field Names D. Peter
  Abraham Rawlinson, At Home N. Thomas
  Notes and Queries: The Yealand Halt Discovered? E.V. Foulds
  Homo Hominis Lupus R.R. Timberlake
No 9 Autumn 1984 Another American Connection R.L. Bassenden
Pdf Click Here Aesthetics in the Quicksands of Morecambe Bay - Lascelles Abercrombie
  Westmorland Dialect Stories Ann Wheeler
  Notes and Queries: History in the Rain K. Hodgson
  And in the Undergrowth J. Chatterley
No 10 Winter 1984 Carnforth’s Public Health Crisis J. Chatterley
Pdf Click Here Jenny Brown’s Point M.R. Walling
  On Reading the Newspapers K. Hodgson 
  A Researcher's Guide to the Lancaster Reference Library Miss Geddes
  The Westmorland Dialect, Continued A. Wheeler
No 11 Spring 1985 The Poor Law next door: Pauperism in Bolton-le-Sands 1831-1832 J.D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here The Place of Literacy B. Clarke
  Silverdale in 1563 N. Thomas
No 12 Autumn 1986 The Story of Carnforth High School P. Norris 
Pdf Click Here A Step Back in History K. Hodgson
  A Warder’s Experiences in Lancaster Castle J. Chatterley
  Words, Words, Words K. Greaves
"Hiatus" For a period of years, there was no published magazine.
No 13 1990 Issue 1 A Funereal Topic: John Lucas, William Stout and the Confirmation of an Ancient Custom - J.D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here  Letter from the Chairman J. Chatterley
  A Lincolnshire Farmer, Part 1 “H.J”
  Warton Village Hall: History in the Making S.P. Hilling
  Notes and Queries: The Castle of Mourholme
No 14 1990 Issue 2 Yealand Manor School E. Foulds
Pdf Click Here  Dr Walling & Dr Matthews: Two Yealand Doctors J.& B. Clarke
  Leighton Beck J. Bolton
  Yealand Conyers in the Thirties R. Greaves
  A Lincolnshire Farmer, Part 2 “H.J”
  Notes and Queries
No 15 1990 Issue 3 Farming 1981-1920, Part 1: From a Recording of Eddie Sands H. Bradley
Pdf Click Here The Carnforth National School G. Woolnough
  Yealand in 1912: Excerpts from the Diary of Helen Escolme R. Greaves
No 16 1991 Issue 1 Farming 1981-1920, Part 2: Silverdale and Urswick E. Sands & H. Bradley
Pdf Click Here The Death of the Boy Heslop G. Woolnough
  A Local Poet: Richard Abbott
  Blanche Smith of Yealand Redmayne B.C.
  Yealand in 1912: The Diary of Helen Escolme, extracts R. Greaves
No 17 1991 Issue 2 How Often was Warton Visited in the Seventeenth Century? J. D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here Millhead, Part 1 J. Chatterley & J. Findlater
  Yealand in 1912-1913: The Diary of H. Escolme, extracts, R. Greaves
  Men and Women: Dr Patrick Byrne J. Findlater
No 18 1992 Issue 1 Millhead, Part 2: Establishment and Growth of Carnforth Ironworks, J. Chatterley & J. Findlater
Pdf Click Here  Browfoot Farm, Yealand Storrs A. Fishwick 
  Yealand in 1913: The Diary of H. Escolme, excerpts R. Greaves 
  365 and a Bit J. Bolton
  Robert Taylor of Silverdale J. Bolton
No 19 1992 Issue 2 J.A. Fuller-Maitland H. Gregson
Pdf Click Here  The Boundaries of Warton Township R. Greaves & J. Clarke
  Yealand Manor: A Short Survey S.B. Meyer
  Yealand in 1913: Diary of H. Escolme, excerpts R. Greaves
  Greengarth and the Jenkinsons C. Shaw
  Dr Peter Allen in Yealand Conyers B. Clarke
No 20 1993 Issue 1 Warton Church in the 17th Century: By John Lucas, Historian of Warton, A. Penn
Pdf Click Here Yealand in 1913: The Diary of H. Escolme, excerpts R. Greaves
  Holmere Farm, R. Greaves 
No 21 1993 Issue 2 What Might We Do for Local History? J. D. Marshall
Pdf Click Here  Millhead, Part 4: The Cuckoo Outgrows Its Nest J. Chatterley & J. Findlater
  Matthew Hutton of Priest Hutton: Archbishop of York 1595-1606 J. Clarke
No 22 1994 Issue 1 A Near Catastrophe in Warton Church Arthur Penn
Pdf Click Here The Use of Liquorice Neil Stobbs
  Matthew Hutton of Priest Hutton, Part 2. Joan Clarke
  Remembered History: Should We Have an Oral History Group? 
  Yealand in 1913: Helen Escolme’s Diary: Helen in Liverpool R. Greaves
No 23 1994 Issue 2 Salt, Spices and Sugar Part 1: The Gawthorpe Accounts Neil Stobbs
Pdf Click Here The Townships of Warton Parish, Part 2 The 17th Century Research Group 
  Robin Hill: No. 24 Market Street, Carnforth J. Findlater 
  The Limestone Caverns of Nether Kellet 
  Yealand in 1913: Helen Escolme’s Diary, excerpts R. Greaves 

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