Meetings are held in Yealand Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Full membership can be obtained at any meeting, or visitors are welcome to attend any single meeting for a fee of £2.

Each year's events are organised to run from September through to the April of the following year, on the last Wednesday of the month (excepting December - which is held on Wednesday 19th December).


Wednesday 26 September

Packhorse History - Margaret Dickinson 

For a thousand years goods were moved on packhorses, particularly in a hilly country. After the Turnpike Acts, the improved roads, railways and canals gradually killed the trade. The North West has a rich history of the routes and bridges that have survived.


Wednesday 31 October

Early Maps - from Antiquity to the Tudors - Dr Bill Shannon

A brief look at some maps from the ancient and medieval worlds will serve as a prelude to the cartographic explosion occurring in the Tudor period, which led to maps of the New World, new maps of England, of our counties - and even some very local maps.


Wednesday 28 November

Warton Crag, An Iron Age Fort - or is it? - Kevin Grice

Recently the supposed Iron age Hill Fort on Warton Crag has been the subject of an extensive research and archaeological examination. Kevin will discuss both the antiquarian and modern sources, and contrast the different views expressed as to the possible date and function of the monument.


Wednesday 19 December

The Chimney at Jenny Brown's Point - Simon Williams and Louise Martin

A five-year examination of the chimney at Jenny Brown's Point by the Morecambe Bay Partnership and local volunteers has recently completed. Many theories have previously been put forward, none of them supported with either documented or archaeological evidence. What has been found, and what is now the most likely story behind the chimney?


Wednesday 30 January 2019

Almshouses in the North West - Dr Jean Turnbull

This talk explores the history of almshouses in Britain from the medieval period to the present day. Who were they for, and who set them up? Almshouses continue to play a crucial role in providing social housing in our region today.


Wednesday 27 February

Development of the Duchy of Lancaster and the Palatinate of Lancaster - Mike Derbyshire

The duchy and palatinate of Lancaster are two linked, but quite distinct bodies. The duchy is still with us, as a trust owning property for the benefit of the Queen. The palatinate was responsible for managing Lancashire's superior civil and criminal courts.


Wednesday 27 March

Monasteries of North Lancashire and South Cumbria - Dr Alan Crosby

Medieval Lancashire and Cumbria had few monasteries, but those that were established have a special interest because they are unusually well-documented. Who were the monks, what were their links with the wider world, and what was their eventual fate?


Wednesday 24 April

Any More Fares Please? - Bill Robinson

A look at the development of rural bus services in our corner of the North West after the First World War, from the early pioneers to the eventual monopoly of Ribble Motor Services. The talk includes a short film, made by Ribble in the early 1960s, to encourage Lancashire County Council to complete the Preston and Lancaster by-passes.

This talk will be preceeded by the Mourholme AGM


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