Meetings are held in Yealand Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Full membership can be obtained at any meeting, or visitors are welcome to attend any single meeting for a fee of £2.

Each year's events are organised to run from September through to the April of the following year, on the last Wednesday of the month (excepting December - which is held on Wednesday 18th December).

 25th September 2019: Lanty Slee – A Smuggler’s Life

Margaret Dickinson

Lancelot “Lanty” Slee, born 1802, was a legend in his own lifetime, some of which was spent in jail. He operated as a farmer, illegal whisky distiller and smuggler from the beautiful Little Langdale area, where his activities provided for his wife and 10 children.


30th October 2019: The Northumbrian Kingdom

Dr Fiona Edmunds

The kingdom of Northumbria, the original northern powerhouse, at its height reached from the Mersey to southwest Scotland, and from the Humber to the Forth. How and why did it expand into our region, and what caused its decline in around 1100? Access to the Irish Sea was certainly important.


27th November 2019: The Pilgrimage of Grace

Dick O’Brien

The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536-7, was the largest uprising faced by Henry VIII. His changes to English religion and church were a main cause. Cumberland and Westmorland were heavily involved, and the rebellion culminated with a battle outside Carlisle Castle and the summary execution of 74 men.


18th December 2019: The Cumbrian Coast Railway

David Hindle

The construction of the Cumbrian Coast Railway led to a transport revolution, giving ordinary people greater mobility for work, business and pleasure.  Excursion trains, steam specials and regular services have enriched the lives of passengers for nearly two centuries. The Cumbrian Coast is one of Britain’s great railway journeys. 


29th January 2020: The Lancaster Canal

John Acres

The Lancaster Canal celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2019 and this talk will explore the reasons for its development and its contribution to the economy of the region. Today its function as a linear countryside park dominates, but plans to restore the canal to Kendal are more than a pipe dream.


26th February 2020: Sex & Sin in 17th Century Lancashire

Alan Crosby

The 17th century is seen as a time when magistrates and church courts sought to enforce moral behaviour. The reality  was rather different. This talk is based on court records, which include plenty of vivid verbatim testimony, and some very colourful language.


25th March 2020: The North-West and Slavery

Dr Nick Radburn

The north-west has deep connections to the transatlantic slave trade. Thousands of men from this region invested in the slave trade, served upon slave ships, or traded for slaves in Africa and the Americas during the eighteenth century. 


29th April 2020: A Cumbrian Colony in the South Pacific

David Fellows

Norfolk Island is a small island in the South Pacific with a large history. Discovered by Captain Cook, in time it has been a penal colony, a new home to Cumbria’s Fletcher Christian and the Bounty mutineers, a tax haven and a tourist destination. But since 1990 a modern dispute has arisen, a sort of Brexit dilemma!

This talk will be preceded by the Mourholme AGM.



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