Meetings are held in Yealand Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Full membership can be obtained at any meeting, or visitors are welcome to attend any single meeting for a fee of £2.

Each year's events are organised to run from September through to the April of the following year, on the fourth Wednesday of the month (excepting December - which is held on the second Thursday).

Autumn 2017

Wednesday September 27th

Debtors of Lancaster Prison – Dr Graham Kemp

This castle guide shares his considerable knowledge in an illustrated talk. Images include  “Hansbrow Hotel” as the debtors’ prison quarters were known.


Wednesday October 25th

Mapping Morecambe Bay – The Early Days – Dr Bill Shannon

Did you know that the words “Morecambe Bay” first appeared on a map in 1774? Dr Bill Shannon explores how the bay appeared on earlier maps, and describes how a name that first appeared in the 2nd Century came to be applied to our bay.


Wednesday November 22nd

Place Names and the Landscape in Mediaeval North-West England – Dr Alan Crosby

The language in which place names were coined, and their hidden meanings, reveal much about how people saw their world. This talk looks at how familiar and unfamiliar place names shed light on the landscape of the North West a millennium ago.


Thursday December 21st

Local Surgeons of the 18th and early 19th Centuries – Mr Bryan Rhodes

Bryan is an orthopaedic surgeon living in Yealand Redmayne. One of his passions is the history of surgery and after discovering that a slave ship surgeon lived in Burton in Kendal his recent research has focused on surgeons at Lancaster Castle. He will explain how and why surgeons were responsible for the public dissection of criminals in Lancaster and the tragic events leading to the execution of a surgeon in Lancaster in 1799. 


Spring 2018

Wednesday February 28th

Fishermen on Morecambe Bay – Michelle Cooper

The fishing industry on the Bay is now considerably diminished. Michelle describes the industry of the recent past and uses archive sound recordings of fishermen to tell their story.


Wednesday March 28th

The Arthurian Legend in Lancashire and Beyond – Dr Andrew Breeze

Six centuries after “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” was written, new detective work suggests that the greatest of Arthurian poems can be restored to the county of its origin. Andrew Breeze is a Professor of Philology at the University of Navarra.


Tuesday April 10th

Cumbrian Stone Circles - When were they built and for waht purpose? - Tom Clare

Tom Clare served as Cumbria's County Archaeologist and has studied and written extensively on the county's prehistoric monuments. Some Cumbrian stone circles like Castlerigg are amongst the best known prehistoric monuments in Britain, others like Swinside, much less so. But when were they built and for what purpose? (Note: This talk is a rearrangement of the cancelled January talk. Please note that it is on a Tuesday).


Wednesday April 25th

Lancaster Merchants and the Virgin Islands, 1750-1850 - Dr Mike Winstanley

This research builds upon work undertaken by one of our members, Margaret Bainbridge, who recently left the society a legacy and who published in our magazine about one of the families involved whose descendants are buried in the parish.

The talk will be preceded by the Mourholme AGM.




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