Covid Announcement

For the present we have suspended our programme of talks, and hope to be able to revisit this once the situation improves.



Provisional Lecture Programme 2020-2021

Meetings are held in Yealand Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Our talks generally finish by 9 p.m. 


30th September 2020 : ‘A Lancashire Garland’

Sid Calderbank

The history of Lancashire and its dialect over the last 500 years presented in the songs, stories and poems of the time, all in the tongue and the talk of the people.

28th October 2020 : Feeding People during the Industrial Revolution

Dr Mike Winstanley

How did an industrialising Lancashire obtain food to sustain its rapidly expanding population in the early 19th century?  An 'agricultural revolution' or  imports?   What did Lancashire people EAT at the time?  As usual, Lancashire does not fit the national picture!

25th November 2020 : Local Connections with Richard III

Christopher Tinmouth

Three local families were closely connected with Richard III: the Redmaynes of Levens Hall, the Middletons of Middleton Hall and the Harringtons of Hornby Castle. This talk will focus on their role in the Wars of the Roses, the key battles they were involved in, and the noble intrigue which characterised this period.

16th December 2020 : Buffalo Bill in the North West

Dr Brian Jones

Buffalo Bill is a familiar name from the Wild West as a scout and a bison hunter. His active riding life was short but he went on to become a great showman. An account will be given of his Wild West Show which visited Lancaster in 1904.


27th January 2021 : The Battle of Preston

Dr Bill Shannon

'The Last Battle on English Soil': the Battle of Preston in November 1715 saw the collapse of Jacobite hopes to overthrow King George I, and replace him with the Stuart, James III.  Hundreds of men from Northumberland and Lancashire joined the rebels, and subsequently lost their life or liberty. The talk will look at Catholic Lancashire on the eve of the rebellion, the progress of the 'invasion', 'the Preston Fight' and the aftermath.


24th February 2021 : Genealogy – Tracing Family History

Saul Marks

Saul Marks, probate genealogist and owner of Origin Probate Research, talks about his work as an "heir hunter", blending traditional genealogy with aspects of sales & law, to help people inherit from distant (and often not-so-distant) relatives. He has frequently been called on to explain his work and cases on TV.

31st March 2021 : Oliver Cromwell’s Northern Journey

Nick Burton

We follow Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army’s progress through Yorkshire and Lancashire culminating in the decisive Battle of Preston in August 1648. The talk considers how Cromwell's parliamentary forces defeated the larger Royalist army coming south from Scotland, signalling the end of the English Civil War.


28th April 2021 : Roads around the Sands.

Paul Hindle

This lecture looks at the changing routes around the sands of Morecambe Bay, from Carnforth to the Furness peninsula. The first turnpike of 1763 went via Kendal and Bouth to Ulverston and Kirkby Ireleth, whilst the later route of 1818 went from Levens via Lindale to Greenodd. 

This talk will be preceded by the Mourholme AGM



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